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Anvil of God

bookThe one bright light of Europe’s Dark Ages comes to life in this gripping tale of the inner workings of Charles Martel’s court. By focusing on the personal and political dramas that define one family’s quest for the throne, ANVIL projects in human terms why the Carolingians’s rise to power is one of the most pivotal moments in the history of Western civilization.

ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781475990195
ISBN 13 (HARD): 9781475990201

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781475990218

Wheel of the Fates

Wheel of the Fates book coverIT IS 742. The throne is empty; the pagan states are in rebellion; Charles Martel’s widow and youngest son have been imprisoned, and trust between Carloman and Pippin—the two brothers who remain in power—has been shattered. Making matters worse, the Church is secretly conspiring to place a Merovingian on the throne and Charles’s daughter Hiltrude has wed the leader of the rebellion—giving him the legitimacy of Charles’s legacy.

BASED ON A TRUE STORY, Wheel of the Fates picks up where the award-winning Anvil of God leaves off—chronicling the lives of Charles Martel’s children as they vie for power in what’s left of the kingdom…and their family.