Update on Wheel of the Fates

For those of you curious about my writing projects…

I recently finished a developmental edit of Wheel of the Fates.  It’s now a finished MS at 122,000 words and I have sent it off to three agents who requested pages (and two I pitched blind).  The edit resolved two issues that were bothering me: 1) While the book continues the story in Anvil of God it needed to be able to stand on its own as a novel so that readers could pick up the story there (without reading Anvil).  2) I wasn’t happy with the pacing of the story.  Thankfully, the edit resolved both issues successfully.

So, for the moment, I’m without a writing deadline.  I’ve been toying with an outline for the next book and am also still writing memoir pieces which I post here and on my FaceBook page (and occasionally in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine).

So, life is good.  Wish me luck in landing an agent!


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