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Tribute to a Friend

This is a small tribute to one of the more interesting people in my life:

Update on Wheel of the Fates

For those of you curious about my writing projects…

I recently finished a developmental edit of Wheel of the Fates.  It’s now a finished MS at 122,000 words and I have sent it off to three agents who requested pages (and two I pitched blind).  The edit resolved two issues that were bothering me: 1) While the book continues the story in Anvil of God it needed to be able to stand on its own as a novel so that readers could pick up the story there (without reading Anvil).  2) I wasn’t happy with the pacing of the story.  Thankfully, the edit resolved both issues successfully.

So, for the moment, I’m without a writing deadline.  I’ve been toying with an outline for the next book and am also still writing memoir pieces which I post here and on my FaceBook page (and occasionally in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine).

So, life is good.  Wish me luck in landing an agent!


Anvil of God Now Available as an Audiobook!

I’m very pleased to announce that Anvil of God is now available as an

audiobook!  If you sign up for Audible (for the first time), you can even get

it for free.

After reviewing the 30,000 or so books in their portfolio, iUniverse selected two for their maiden voyage into the audiobook market.

Anvil of God is one of them.

They contracted with Deyan Audio to do the 16 hour and 48 minute recording.   After searching through dozens of potential narrators, we chose Michelle Carmen Gomez to bring the story to life.

Check it out here:

Ten Truths

As the year ends, I thought I’d try my hand at writing maxims – universal truths – ten in ten days.  Here are the results

#1. Albeit distantly, we are all related.

#2. We don’t know far more than we know.

#3. If God has a language it is probably mathematics.

#4. Shame – both collective and private – prevents us from understanding human sexuality.

#5. Words are more powerful than we realize.

#6. Fear is what divides us – not guns, not religion, not race.

#7. Many of the world’s conflicts can be traced to such phrases as, “I am the way and the light.”

#8. Patriotism is not a badge; it’s a responsibility.

#9. As finite beings, we cannot hope to comprehend the infinite, yet there is no shortage of those making the claim.

#10. Thoughtfulness is rarely a crowd response.