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Ten Truths

As the year ends, I thought I’d try my hand at writing maxims – universal truths – ten in ten days.  Here are the results

#1. Albeit distantly, we are all related.

#2. We don’t know far more than we know.

#3. If God has a language it is probably mathematics.

#4. Shame – both collective and private – prevents us from understanding human sexuality.

#5. Words are more powerful than we realize.

#6. Fear is what divides us – not guns, not religion, not race.

#7. Many of the world’s conflicts can be traced to such phrases as, “I am the way and the light.”

#8. Patriotism is not a badge; it’s a responsibility.

#9. As finite beings, we cannot hope to comprehend the infinite, yet there is no shortage of those making the claim.

#10. Thoughtfulness is rarely a crowd response.

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